The caramel-brown bear wanders

Across frost-littered earth,

Illuminated by frail moonlight.


It nuzzles a freezing heap of purple-black;

Berry entrails, congealed in snow, their

Demise witnessed by infinite stars.


Pad, pad, pad,

Pointed head held high

Skin rolling on the ribs as it pads,

Along the trenches


Afflicted by sleep, yet persisting

Across the satin pall which

Cloaks the forest,

Mystified by the seamless white.



Rustling from a starved brown bush

Two long, soft ears pop between the branches

Like slim leaves of velvet.


Scents of food and fur swim through the air

With pointed teeth and wrinkled nose, the bear

Begins its descent towards the creature,

Paws flinching against the cold.


Pots of melted amber,

Roaring fire,

Lock onto chocolate-button eyes


Sparkling, suspicious, steady,

Reflecting moon but also sun

In a burst of liquid-gold petals.